Yup, summer's flying by fast, and the new school year will be here before you know it. You probably want to save as much money as possible before the expensive college year kicks in! So without further ado, here's your guide to saving money in August.

Stuff that's cheaper in August

Summer Wear πŸ‘™πŸŽ½

Bikinis, swim trunks, flip flops, sandals, sneakers, tank tops... you name it. Stores are pushing summer fashion out the door to gear up for fall wear. Take advantage of the clearance section & online sales as summer ends. The styles can last into fall and keep your wardrobe satisfied for 2019.

Nasty Gal - up to 80% off
H&M - up to 80% off
Forever 21 - back to school deals starting at $5, extra 40% off sale
ASOS - up to 70% off

Outdoor Gear ⛺️

For outdoor enthusiasts on budget, camping season is slowing down. That means outdoor gear, gadgets and garments are on sale. Maybe you can squeeze in some late summer or early fall hiking and camping. Worst case, you can save big for your 2019 outdoor escapades.

REI Outlet Sale - 70% off or more, through Aug. 13

College Essentials πŸ›‹

You'll probably need a bunch of new furniture, living & storage items for your new dorm or apartment. You can buy them secondhand via mobile or Facebook marketplaces. Or you can buy brand new items for cheap from big box retailers looking to win some long-term love from college students. This time of the year is basically Christmas for college students.

Target - 15% off college must-haves, can even pick up at store near college campus upon move-in
Bed Bath & Beyond - Exclusive college savings pass (20% off + free standard shipping)
Walmart - 1-stop "Back to college" shop with great prices
Kohl's - Buy online, free pickup at store near campus
The Container Store - 20% off through Aug. 20

Travel 🌎✈️

This one's our favorite. Late Aug. through pre-Thanksgiving Nov. is one of the cheapest times to travel. That includes flight tickets, accomodations and even fun activities. That's because school has resumed, it's off-peak travel season in many places, and there's no major holidays.

If you want to scratch your domestic travel itch, book something for the weekends of Aug. 18 & 25. International travel prices (esp. to Europe) will start to drop noticeably in late August/early September for end of summer & fall travel, so watch out for those deals as well!

Hopper (iOS, Android): Tells you the best times to book flights, in realtime. Predicts when prices will be the cheapest and notifies you when price drops. Free!

Wine 🍷

This one's for you wine lovers. Most vineyards in the Northern Hemisphere harvest their grapes between late August to early October. That means they need to get rid of old inventory to make room for the new batches, which results in cheaper wine! So keep your eyes open when you get wines for date night or those Friday evening soirΓ©es.

Summer Fruits & Produce πŸ‰

Fruits and vegetables harvested in season tend to be cheaper and fresher! For August, these include everything from apples to blueberries to mangoes to strawberries to watermelon to cabbage to tomatoes. Check out this spreadsheet to find the seasonal produce for your state.

Stuff to avoid buying in August

Fall Wear πŸπŸ‘–

Fall styles start coming in this month, meaning their prices are at their highest points. If anything, wait until Labor Day weekend or Black Friday week.

Mattresses πŸ›Œ

You'll find the biggest mattress sales on Labor Day Weekend. So if you can hold off until then, your bank account will thank you. Meanwhile, you can look into options like Casper, which not only provides 100-day free trial with free shipping & returns, but is also comfy as heck!

New Apple DevicesπŸ“±

Apple is expected to launch new iPhone & iPad models in September. That means the prices of older models will drop right after the launch! So if you can, keep your old phone for just a little longer.

TVs πŸ“Ί

Irresistable TV deals don't really exist in the summer months. Prices will begin to drop right as fall rolls around, so have some patience!

Bikes 🚲

Don't invest in a new bike in August. It's still warm outside, so retailers are still taking advantage of the demand. According to Consumer Reports, some discounts will start to appear towards the very end of August, and get much steeper into fall and the winter holidays.

Some more useful tips

  • National Garage Sale Day is August 11 (Saturday).
  • 16 states have tax-free weekends! More details here.
  • National Waffle Day is August 24.
  • Labor Day sales will start towards end of August already.