Autumn's coming up in just a few weeks, and the post-summer grind is about to pick up. That also means expenses are about to fly sky high with school and the holidays. So how about wrapping your summer up with some #SeptemberSavings?

Stuff that's cheaper in September

College supplies

Wait until at least mid-September if you want to save big on school-related supplies. By then, the back-to-school sales rush would've mostly ended and stores will be trying to clear out inventory! Down side is there will be limited supplies.

Summer clothing + denim πŸ‘–

Yup, denim is big deal for back-to-school shopping! Gotta look good in those jeans, right? Stores tend to overstock denim attire in August, which they have to whittle down after the craze dies down. That means cheaper prices for denim. And of course, there's the post-Labor Day clearance sales for summer attire.

Flights for the holidays βœˆοΈπŸŒπŸŽ„

Plane tickets start to skyrocket in October, especially for holiday travel (Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE). The last best time to book those trips is in September, so get on it before it's too late!

In terms of tools to use, we strongly recommend:
β€’ Kayak (compare hundreds of travel sites for best deals)
β€’ Skyscanner (best search engine for flexible dates, calendar feature for prices)
β€’ Hopper (get notified for best day/time to book planned flights at)

Cruises 🚒

It's the end of summer vacation season and the start of hurricane season. That means heavy discounts for cruises, especially in the NE Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Ocean. Cruises are cheaper due to risks of weather, cancellations and choppier waters. But fear not β€” most of the time, cruise experiences aren't affected negatively by weather!

Broadway shows πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€

It's NYC Broadway Week from 9/3-9/16! You can buy two tickets for the price of one. The most popular shows like Lion King and Aladdin are already sold out. But there's still a lot of classic ones left, like Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. Musicals are very expensive, so these savings are worth it if you'll be in NYC!

End-of-summer produce πŸ‡

Fruits and produce are cheaper and fresher in-season! Win-win for your wallet, taste buds and body. Some September ones include apples, butternut squash, cantaloupes, cauliflower, eggplants, mangoes, grapes, okra, sweet potatoes, spinach and tomatoesβ€”just to name a few. Check out this spreadsheet to find seasonal produce specific to your state!

Stuff not to buy in September

Fall fashion 🍁

Hold off on any clothing marketed as fall wear. They'll be at their most expensive prices as autumn rolls around and new shipments come in. The first meaningful sale you'll see for fall clothing will be on Columbus Day (October 8).

New iPhone models πŸ“±

Apple will be launching 3 new iPhone models this month. Don't even think about purchasing them until early November, when the first "major" discounts for those come out. But do consider getting older models of the iPhone! Every time a new model comes out, the prices drop for older models.

Laptops and Desktops πŸ’»

Sure, there are some nice back-to-school sales. But the sales get even crazier come October (in fact, you'll see almost 40% more deals then)! And of course, there's Black Friday + the rest of the holidays. Patience pays off!

Some More Useful Tips

β€’ National Cheese Pizza Day πŸ• is on September 5. Check here for deals!
β€’ National Cheeseburger Day πŸ” is on September 18. Chains like Applebee's and Shake Shack have offered incredible deals in the past.
β€’ National Coffee Day β˜•οΈ is on September 29. Free coffee anyone?! Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts, Peet's Coffee & Tea and many others have participated.

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