BREAKING: Pluto is officially on the App Store! 🙌 We‘re so thankful for the incredible feedback from our Alpha users, and couldn’t be more stoked to guide today’s generation towards success in the intimidating world of personal financial management.

Why we founded Pluto

We had no idea how to manage our money in college. It was all so overwhelming, complicated, boring and negative. Concepts like “budgeting” and “managing cash flow” stressed us out and didn’t translate from idea to action. Automated saving tools were good for some tangible results, but too simple; they didn’t make us more aware of our money or help us improve our spending habits. Plus, for some, we had to spend more in order to save, which made no sense—especially for those with less income… like us!

We were “broke” college students, not because we didn’t have money, but because we didn’t know how to put our money towards the right places, or even where the right places were. So we set out to create a simple but powerful financial tool designed for the mindset and lifestyle of our generation. Hence, Pluto was born.

Saving goals you care about

With Pluto, you’ll be motivated to manage your money for the right reasons, and not because your parents or society told you to.

Pluto encourages you to set short- and mid-term saving goals that actually matter to you, whether it’s for your #bucketlist #wishlist or #adulting.

How much do you really care about saving for retirement while still in college or even a few years out? We help you find that sweet balance among the experiences you crave, the things you want, and the boring but serious life obligations (like student loan debt 😔).


Simple challenges with real impact

The average Joe/Jane probably hates staring at numbers and graphs, trying to figure out what decisions to make and actions to take. That’s why Pluto gets you to take action towards your saving goals based on your unique finances, step by step.

Introducing Challenges: Simple steps you can act on to save for your goals, so you can reach your goals in small, attainable increments.

We’re starting with spending challenges—for 15+ categories, any merchants, and weekly/monthly time frames. Instead of micro-budgeting everything, focus on spending less on where it “hurts” or “leaks” with our bite-sized Spend Less challenges. And make a real impact on your saving goal. Spend less than your weekly average on fast food🍟, and reward yourself by saving the difference towards your vacation🌴.


The possibilities of different challenges are endless, and they can drive tangible results and long-term behavior change across your finances!

Less grunt work for you


You can securely connect to over 10,000 financial institutions in the U.S. on Pluto! We automatically track, analyze and categorize your transactions, and with our unique challenge “spendometers”, smart notifications and behavioral nudges, we help you win the saving game. We also feature a dashboard where you can see a snapshot of your goals, challenges and more. Finally, we’re working to bring you in-app actionable savings with a Pluto account, so you can easily set money aside! The more demand it gets, the quicker it’ll come…so do let us hear it 🐶 .

How can you access Pluto?

Download Pluto for free on the App Store!

If you’re on Android, we ♥ you too but we’re not quite there yet. You can join the Android waitlist for updates!

Let’s get your spending and saving game #onfleek, together.

Onwards and upwards,
The Pluto Team